AET Surpasses 1,000 Units Sold of its First-in-Kind String Inverter Mounting Solution

AET Surpasses 1,000 Units Sold of its First-in-Kind String Inverter Mounting Solution »

Applied Energy Technologies (AET), a manufacturer of commercial and utility-scale racking systems has announced it has surpassed more than 1,000 units sold of its Rayport I string inverter mounting solution. AET’s Rayport I was the first of its kind, designed to address a market need for a product that not only protects the string inverter, but also simplifies design and installation.

The Rayport I fits most string inverters on the market and can be used in either rooftop or ground mount systems. The stainless steel kit can be mounted at a 20 degree tilt and has been rigorously tested to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions. Its lightweight and durable design helps to reduce shipping costs and enables easier handling on the job site.

“The introduction of our Rayport I is a direct reflection of AET’s insight to innovate and address market demand,” said Aaron Faust, VP of Business Development at AET. “There was a lot of enthusiasm around the introduction of the Rayport™-I, shade cover and disconnect mounting kit, and that momentum has continued to build with the growth of the solar industry.”

AET was also the first to introduce a shade cover and disconnect mounting kit, accessories to the Rayport I. The Rayport I shade cover helps decrease and maintain inverter temperatures, particularly during the summer months, in order to maintain the lifespan, reliability and performance of the inverter. The Rayport I disconnect mounting kit allows for disconnect units to be fixed in a convenient location on the front or rear of the rack, close to the inverter itself.

AET has been at the forefront in developing ground breaking products that help bring solar energy to a wider audience. With an impeccable track record of 100 percent on time delivery, 100 percent on budget, and zero warranty claims, AET meets the highest standards in product manufacturing, design and engineering, and installation required by the solar industry's foremost leaders.

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