Schweizer sees big growth in UK for its solar in-roof system

Schweizer sees big growth in UK for its solar in-roof system »

Schweizer, a metal engineering company serving the construction industry, is targeting the UK solar market with its in-roof mounting system, which turns roofs into power generators.

More than 3 million Solrif panels have been installed in tens of thousands of roofs since Schweizer pioneered its solar roof integration frame in 1999. The patented concept has proved highly popular across Europe and is gaining traction in the UK as housebuilders, installers and architects value its flexibility, commercial benefits and aesthetic appeal.

Solrif is effective as it helps reach minimum carbon compliance standards without the need for costly special insulation or expensive windows which are  often required to reach ‘passive building’ energy standards. This provides builders and developers with a carbon offsetting tool for securing planning approval.

More and more leading PV module manufacturers are offering their products with this simple, proven frame, as it provides an alternative to standard on-roof arrangements at very little extra cost. Solrif is fully certified IEC 61215/61730, TÜV and MCS.

“As a manufacturer of solar mounting systems, we see a real opportunity in the UK market,” said Martyn Johnson, Schweizer Sales Manager, UK and Ireland. “The combination of state-of-the-art technology with functional aesthetics and simple installation has made Solrif a market leader, first in Switzerland and Europe and increasingly worldwide.

“Solar is growing strongly everywhere and it’s important that UK home owners and builders as well as contractors and housing associations know about the quality and cost benefits of Solrif. We would like to hear from architects, volume housebuilders and others who may be interested as we’re confident that for many, we can help drive their businesses forward.”

Schweizer believes that despite cuts to Government incentives, householders will increasingly look to solar electricity generation, helped by improvements in storage technology and driven by the need to lower electricity bills and reduce carbon footprint. This interest is bound to drive demand for effective solar technologies among housebuilders.

Based at Hedingen near Zurich, Schweizer supports UK customers on both new-build and refurbishment projects from its office in Reigate, Surrey. The company has been active in solar since 1978 when it launched its first flat-plate thermal collector, later winning the Swiss Solar Prize for Best Integrated Solar. Schweizer produced its first PV mounting systems in 1993 and in 1999 launched Solrif, which continues to be supplied in the UK through leading brands such as Romag.

Schweizer would like to hear from UK companies potentially interested in specifying, using or supplying Solrif. Schweizer plans long-term investment in the UK and offers comprehensive marketing, training, planning software and technical support to its partners.


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