Sunflare shows flexible CIGS at CES

Sunflare shows flexible CIGS at CES »

Mass produced panels can be stuck onto walls and roofs with tape

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week, Los Angeles start-up Sunflare is showing its thin-film flexible CIGS solar panels.

Sunflare has worked for six years developing its patented manufacturing process - a cell-by-cell approach called Capture 4 - which it says allows it to efficiently mass-produce the CIGS technology.

The panels are a few micrometers thick and can be secured to any surface  - vertical, horizontal, even curved   - with special double-sided tape. They are 65 percent lighter than silicon modules, allowing an entire roof to be covered without load-bearing concerns, according to the company. 

Sunflare says that nearly any surface can be transformed into an energy-gathering and power-generating plant using this technology, capturing 10 percent more energy from dawn to dusk at a comparable cost to crystalline silicon.

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